(I didn’t want to put this on my own blog, and it was too long for an ask, and I just… you don’t have to post this but I needed to get it out.)

Dear Mr. Narvaez (Jr),

Do you get off on making people feel worthless? It’s an honest question, because I would like to know your answer. I know that…

Ray is literally one of the most genuine people I know, him and I have spoken a few times at conventions and he was so nice and kind. Don’t ever bad mouth someone you don’t even know as a person and only as an online personality



Men. Cause. Rape. 

I don’t get why people still think it is okay to be a man. 

I think it’s funny how someone like this has her ask box closed and messages closed as well, because that way she can silence any “oppressors” You are pathetic and you do not have fucking PTSD, my uncle went to fucking war and he had actual fucking PTSD you disrespectful cunt.